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Save the Date!
Morning Without Child Care
April 10, 2024

Join in for the 3rd Morning Without Child Care.  This event brings together parents, providers, advocates, elected officials, and children to push for transformative change to the state's child care system: a system that works for no one.  Spread the word, save the date, and RSVP below.

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How Can you participate?
  1. Click here to be added to our email list so that you get notified when we have event updates
  2. Click here to sign up to be a captain or help plan your rally.
  3. Start spreading the word in your community and have people set the day aside.  The sooner people know this is happening, the better our rallies will be. Visit our social media sites and share our posts. (icons top right of this page)
  4. Click here to access our toolkit. This is chock full of ideas and links for you to use and to share to make the day meaningful for you and your community.
  5. RSVP Below! (More sites will be added soon,  but contact us if you don't see your community represented and you'd like to know more or help organize)


Danbury Library Green

170 Main Street

5-6 PM

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